FlipIt: Commenting SBC6 #2

Similar to my last blog post, I recently visited McDowell’s page (http://mcdowellmedia.edublogs.org/2016/09/25/about-simone-biles/) and Fatima’s page (http://fatimaisd20.edublogs.org/2016/11/23/how-to-improve-my-school/). Each of their specific blogs drawed my attention. McDowell had an interesting post about Simone Biles. She’s my idol. The greatest gymnast on Earth and she’s only 4’ 9’’! Then, Fatima wrote about her school and the improvements that are needed in making her school even better than it already is. I also feel that schools need healthier meals and cleaner restrooms. Fatima was not criticizing her school, but providing helpful hints in a kind way. My actual comments are listed below.

Hello, McDowell. My name’s Jada. I’m obsessed with Simone Biles which is why I chose your blog to read. What inspired you to write about Simone? I love how you included Simone’s height in the beginning of the blog essay. Biles is really small and I should know because I met her in person once and got her signature. She inspires me in and outside of the gym. I usually attended 18 hours a week compared to Simone training 32 hours a week. She’s a beast! It’s amazing how she has a whole skill named after her last name. My forever gymnastics goal is to be at least half as good as Simone Biles. I absolutely enjoyed reading about my favorite role model. Visit me at http://2021cjs.edublogs.org to read some of my own blogs and maybe leave me a comment.

Hey, Fatima! Im Jada. Your blog “How to improve my school?” came to my attention. Almost the first thing you mentioned was how your school has a Shady Shack. That’s pretty neat! My school has almost the same problems that your school has except we actually have a salad bar. Our salad bar is practically the only healthy food that we have in our cafeteria. I agree with you on the fact that schools put higher prices on healthy food compared to cheap, unhealthy items. Are those pictures at the bottom of your page from your school? If so, it does look like your restrooms need improvements. Do you have any plans and/or solutions to fixing these problems? Contact me at http://2021cjs.edublogs.org if you need any ideas.

Count Out 3: Commenting

Recently, I visited two blog sites: Stan’s and Johanna’s. I commented on Stan’s “Seven Random Facts” post and Johanna’s “About Me” page/post. Stan’s post appealed to me for a few reasons. First, he plays karate and field hockey and his field hockey team is second-best in California. I thought this was amazing and I felt happy for him. He also wrote how he has double jointed arms. I’ve never met someone with double jointed arms so I asked him if it affected him in his sports. My sister is the only one I have ever seen with double jointed fingers. You should definitely go check him out at http://stanweerm4703.blogspot.com so you can read some of his blogs yourself! Then, I also visited Johanna’s account. I saw that she had an “About Me” page/post and I tried to leave a comment on that. She and I have a lot in common with each other. We both love reading, love listening to music created by the same artists, interested in interior Design, and love the activities drawing, painting, and photography. It felt like I was reading one of my own posts. Reading a post that was similar to mine made it easier to connect to the author. Johanna’s blog site (https://johannaisd20.edublogs.org) was so interesting that I recommend you going to visit her site also. In conclusion, the two last blogs that I visited had something special about them that I just had to comment.

My Favorite Sport

When I was eight years old, I made the decision to start gymnastics. That was the best decision I had ever made. I do gymnastics at the Hanover YMCA http://www.hanoverymca.org/programs/youth-development/gymnastics/gymnastics-teams/ . I have to drive half an hour almost everyday to go to the most amazing and spectacular hobby sport.
I’ve had multiple ups and downs in gymnastics but no matter what, I get over them. One bump in the road was learning how to do my round off back handspring back in level three. It took me two years to finally get over my metal block with the help of my wonderful coaches. Finally, after doing gymnastics for five years, I’m a professional at doing a skill that I used to dread over.
Most of my time outside of school is taken up by gymnastics. Gymnastics is a year-round sport. My schedule is: Monday and Tuesday from 4:30 pm to 8:30pm, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, and Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Therefore, I have a total of eighteen hours of my favorite sport every week. First we warm up and stretch. Then, we condition for at least one hour only on Mondays and Tuesdays, thankfully.
The four events that we have to do are balance beam, floor exercise, vault, and uneven bars. My favorite event is beam. The four inch beam is the trickiest for the others in my team ,but the easiest for me. The event that I’m worst at would definitely be bars. For bars, you need to use chalk on your hands and grips. Grips help gymnasts shift around the bar smoother and prevent rips.
In conclusion, I may have had troubles with this sport, but gymnastics will always be my favorite. Most of my teammates did gymnastics at  IGC http://www.internationalgymnastics.com/ but the YMCA is still my second home. People may say that gymnastics isn’t a sport, but I just shake my head at them and walk away. If you work your butt off, sweat, and bleed for an activity, you bet it’s counted as a sport.

Why Americans Should Vote



In my opinion, I think Americans should vote. The way we run things in the world revolve around our votes. Voting changes our communities and allows for our voice to be spread out to the public.  According to www.statisticbrain.com I read,  “126,144,000 Americans voted in the 2012 Presidential election and 146,311,000 people registered to vote.” That means that 20,167,000 Americans didn’t vote at all. Our issues should be able to be heard. When we vote, we are informing the government how we feel about important issues. If you don’t vote, you’re problems and feelings may never be heard.  It’s your choice and your voice. People fought and died for this right, and for a reason. You may decide your future just by submitting your answers forward to people who listen. The government affects the order we live and it’s not good to be unhappy with it.

Attribution to My Favorite Pictures

These are five pictures that I find interesting including: art, food, gymnastics, snails, and sunsets. The pictures listed below are all free to commercial work. This means that I am allowed to use the photo with no attribution required. I was allowed to download it freely. However, I’m still going to provide the link to the photo.


Sense I like doing art in my free time, here is a picture of a pencil drawn umbrella.




I buy pretzels like this all the time when I go shopping.




This is a picture close enough to an image of gymnastics, which is the sport that I do five days a week.




I find all animals interesting, even snails!




Sunsets are just really beautiful and relaxing to watch.






Have You Been Stealing?

Copyright and Fair Use Video

This is my own creation to present to others what is legal and illegal about using copyrighted material. I used my own photos and was provided with audio from iMovie itself. My “Copyright and Fair Use” video is also a part of the Student Bogging Challenge (SBC) Week 3.


If You Were To Visit Pennsylvania


Below are , what I believe, the top five best tourist attractions in Pennsylvania. If you ever come to visit Pennsylvania, you should definitely check these places out. 

1.Hershey, PA – If you thought the chocolate was good, you should definitely come and see the chocolate world. As soon as you step into those doors of the chocolate factory, your mouth  will be watering with delight. You can even make you own chocolate bar!



2. Gettysburg, PA – Gettysburg’s most well known for the Civil War and the Gettysburg Address made by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 . The Gettysburg National Military Park is one of the area’s most famous attractions. The home of President Eisenhower is also located in Gettysburg and open to the public.



3. Harrisburg, PA – Harrisburg is a beautiful city with a handful of astonishing attractions. The beautiful hills along with a handful of old buildings and streets makes the city feel historic. If you’re into history, stop by the National Civil War Museum or the State Museum of Pennsylvania 



4. Lancaster, PA – The most popular attractions in Lancaster are the Amish farms. You can take a look at a typical homestead and working farm through tours and museums. The Heritage Center Museum presents the folk, decorative arts, and household items of south-central Pennsylvania.



5. Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia’s historic sites, theatres, concert halls, libraries, and museums provide great entertainment and information. It also includes the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Drexel University, and the famed Philadelphia Orchestra. This makes it one of the leading cultural centres of the United States.

My Quality Comments

For this week’s student blogging challenge the focus was on leaving quality comments. We were tasked with understanding and identifying what a quality comment should look like. Task 5 of the challenge asked us to go out to other student sites and leave some of our own quality comments.

My first comment was left on Heidi’s About Me post. I chose her page to leave a comment on because I found felt like I was reading my own writing. Our writing styles are similar to each other.

MY COMMENT: Hi, Heidi. My name is Jada. I stumbled upon your account and I’m grateful that I did. I think that we may have a lot in common. For one, we almost have the same writing style. I saw that you included humor into your blog. My favorite sentence was when you wrote, ”I’m also related to a brother,Jaxson,who is engaged with nature”. Whether you meant to or not, this made me giggle. Also, your PS section and reminders helped me tremendously. I was about to go through a whole chaotic process to figure out how to leave a comment. Turns out, all I had to do was keep reading your post. Then, when you said that Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Drake were your favorite artists, I couldn’t have agreed more. What would be your favorite song from each of them? Mine would be Sorry from Beyonce, Cold Water from Justin, and Controlla from Drake. If you agree or maybe disagree with my choice of songs come and leave me a comment at http://2021cjs.edublogs.org.

For my second comment, I went to Elsa’s About Me post. Her name railed me in as soon as I saw it on the list. Whenever I clicked on her blog, her page was also railing me in.

MY COMMENT: Hello, Elsa. My name is Jada. I have so many things to say. First of all, your home page’s background is amazing. Is that Steven Universe? I don’t know too much about that show but I’d watch it. Second, your “7 Random Facts” post is so relatable. Well, at least for me it is. I kinda find funny that you had to point out how the viola and the violin are two different instruments. To be honest, some people would actually think they were the same. I also relate to how you’re good at drawing but not so much at painting. I’m the exact same way. Drawing in my free time is my favorite thing to do, but when I paint, it comes out as if a five year old could’ve done my work. Lastly, you’re name is pretty peculiar. I’ve never heard of anyone in reality having the name Elsa. You’re special. Speaking of peculiar, have you seen the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children? It’s the best Tim Burton film that I have ever watched. Respond back to me at http://2021cjs.edublogs.org if you have or haven’t.

My third comment was on Elisa’s blog.  She was a little different from my personality but we had a few things in common.  It was interesting to read someone else’s blog that had some different content on it.

MY COMMENT: Hi, Elisa. My name is Jada. I read your blog and your seven random facts about yourself are pretty random. Your first fact is similar to when I was four years old. Even though I didn’t have to pull out my two front teeth, I completely didn’t have any until I was six years old. When Christmas rolled around the corner, my favorite song was “All I Want for Christmas”. Then the awkward phase when my teeth couldn’t decide if they wanted to be fully in or fully out kicked in. Also, why on Earth was your hair blue? Was it fully blue or just the tips? I would never be able to have any other colored hair than what I already have. I find it astonishing that you spoke Danish when you were a toddler. Can you still speak Danish? I’m full Italian but I don’t really speak Italian/Sicilian. I get embarrassed if I do. Then, when I read that you used to be a model I thought of two questions. What age were you and what did you model for? I heard that the modeling industry is really hard to get into. You’re lucky. I know I asked a lot of questions but if you’d want to respond back to me at http://2021cjs.edublogs.org I would be thankful.

Last but not least, I commented on Alicia’s About Me post. Her page looked way better than mine so I knew her writing was going to be good also.

MY COMMENT: Hi, Alicia. My name is Jada. While I was reading your “About Me” post I realized that we have a couple things in common. First, I passed through multiple colors before I landed on my most favorite colors of all: turquoise, grey, white, and teal. I love these colors so much that my room is painted teal on two walls and grey on the other two. I also saw that you like to play basketball and lacrosse, swim, draw, paint, make crafts, and watch Netflix. I like those hobbies too. However, I’m not very good at playing basketball and lacrosse. Instead, I flip my body upside down for fun (gymnastics). By the way, I absolutely love your avatar. I tried to make mine look at least a little bit like me but it just came out as boring and unrealistic. What website did you use? I’d really like to redo mine. Your background is great as well. It looks like you’re a professional at this stuff. If you could give me some tips on how to make my blog look better, come visit me at http://2021cjs.edublogs.org.

My Favorite Jams

1.Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes – Treat You Better has no inappropriate words and a teen friendly artist.
2.This I What You Came For by Calvin Harris – This song is upbeat
3.Closer by Chain Smokers – Closer is a popular song on the radio that has completely clean lyrics.
4.In The Name of Love by Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha – This song is new and upbeat sound
5. We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez- This song has a good beat and lyrics
6.Cheap Thrills by Sia – Cheap Thrills has a good message to it.

The Worst of the Worst

This is a list of my 10 worst pet peeves.

My very first and worst pet peeve is when people chew their gum obnoxiously. The second worst of my pet peeves is when people walk in the hallways as slow as a turtle. Next, I hate when I get rips at gymnastics and then I have to put hand sanitizer on it. Fourth, it drives me crazy when people smack their lips together in the beginning of their sentences. Also, when I’m making mashed potatoes and they’re too watery, it makes me want to puke. Sixth, I hate when I run out of toilet paper after I’ve already finished my business. Seventh, I absolutely despise the feeling of my nails on a black board. Then, I hate when I’m writing something with a lead pencil and the lead just runs out. After that, the worst feeling is when you get new shoes but then step in mud or dog business. Last but not least, it irritates me so much when people step on the back of my shoes while walking down the hall.